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Most testimonials are fluff and tell you nothing.
These are real transformations.
If you want to know how it feels to work with someone, look at their testimonials. Do they say the same things everyone says about everyone? Or do they say something unique?

If you hear the same things, you know they aren't that different from the rest. If you hear something unique, you know they have something special.

It is easy to get someone to say something nice. It is extremely rare for someone to say you changed their life. Here are just some of our life-changing testimonials.
“I know when I connect a customer with CHMW, they are in great hands and well taken care of. They return excited about the performance gains from their ad campaigns and growth of revenue.”
Jordan Sterling
Team Lead, Venture Capital Partnerships
Meta, Facebook & Instagram
“I can’t believe how deep your team went. You were able to quantify what we were feeling but could never prove. No one has ever come close to showing us our opportunities and weaknesses with such detail. We were overwhelmed before but now everything is so clear. I am forever grateful.”
Jim Montgomery
Chief Executive Officer
We have never seen talent like CHMW before. They do not know the meaning of the word impossible. What is impossible for other firms is nothing for CHMW. They came to us after we had gone through many big engineering and marketing firms that simply failed to deliver. We had a massive, complex venture with demanding technical and business requirements. We needed someone extraordinary.

A critical speed issue that took another firm months with no progress took CHMW just a day to fix. The next week they solved a crucial geolocation problem that had taken another firm months. Then again the next week with a major search issue that had taken months. And on and on it went. It was unbelievable.

They were brought in for just engineering but ended up consulting us in all areas of our business because their knowledge was too valuable. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to work with the best.”
Mendy Perlman
Chief Marketing Officer
1Sale, Swipe Wisely
“CHMW is my trump card. Whenever I am having issues with a project, I call them in and the problems go away. As a serial entrepreneur, each of my ventures have many diverse needs like strategy, engineering, marketing and more. Managing all of these on my own or scaling up teams for every venture takes up too much time. Instead, I just call in CHMW because they can do it all themselves.

They understand the full startup cycle from planning to production to execution. They get it from both a business and technical perspective which is very rare. No matter what I throw at them, they get it done. With other firms, it's a constant struggle. It's hard enough to find a great consultant or a great engineer or a great marketer, but all of them in one? It's magical. I recommend them to anyone who wants to fast track their success.”
Levi Borgovoy
Serial Entrepreneur & Investor
Alton Media
“First of all, before I get into my recommendation for CHMW, I want anyone who reads this to know it is an honor to recommend them. I don't take recommendations lightly. Now, on to CHMW...

CHMW takes my business to new levels. As a marketer, I am limited in the complexity and size of projects I can do if I don’t have someone to build a product good enough to market. I have been in the digital marketing space for 18 years. I wish I had known CHMW 18 years ago because their skills are orders of magnitude higher than all of the others I worked with in the past. It would have saved me a ton of time, money and heartache. I know they can take care of everything no matter how big the job. With CHMW as a partner, now there is no limit to the projects I can do.

CHMW came into my life when I was working with a small e-commerce retailer. To say I was impressed with their skills was an understatement. We had a broken website built by a horrible firm before they took over. I knew the process to fix it would be a nightmare, but they single-handedly overhauled the entire site and made it work like a dream. The brilliant work they performed allowed us to sell hundreds of thousands dollars worth of items each month. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I had a website that I wanted to launch. Given my grand vision for the site, I knew it had very complex requirements. The only team I wanted to build my website was CHMW. I knew my time and money would be wasted with anyone else. CHMW was the only team I trusted with my 'baby'.

While CHMW is technically superior to the 40+ other agencies I have worked with throughout my career, what also sets them apart is their deep understanding of business and marketing. Most agencies are robots: they don't understand the end user or business requirements. CHMW uses that understanding to get results faster. I don't even need to give them exact requirements. CHMW often brings potential issues to my attention AFTER they already implemented a solution to fix them, all in the time it took to complete the original task. If that isn't proactive then I don't know what is. I recommend them to anyone who wants to find the last partner they'll ever need. To anyone that hires CHMW, I would say you deserve a pat on the back for being so smart."
Arden Goldstein
Award-Winning Head of Marketing
Marriott, Hyatt, Smart Deals
“Our technical and business requirements for this venture are incredibly complex. No one had tried something of this scale and magnitude in this space. We knew that to pull off such a grand vision, we could not afford to work with anything but the best talent. Before CHMW, we worked with one of the largest award-winning firms in the country. Despite their impressive résumé, they simply could not deliver on any of the major features we required. With the amount of time and money wasted with them and the little time we had left to prove our concept, our future looked very bleak.

CHMW came highly recommended by previous clients we spoke with who made it clear they were the single reason their companies were able to turn things around after very bad experiences with other firms. CHMW was able to get those major features working and much more than we asked eight times faster. Issues that took weeks and got nowhere were solved in a day. We knew we had found something special here.”
Levi Chodorow
Chief Operating Officer
CHMW is relentless. If you're having problems, they will not stop until they've found a real answer for every one of them no matter how big or small. They can find solutions when there are none because they are willing to put in the hours until the job is done, even if it means working regular 80 hour weeks. They do this because they care about you and your success. As CEO, this makes my job infinitely easier.

We’ve worked with countless firms and none of them showed the same dedication to us as CHMW. They worked tirelessly to get things done when they needed to be done while other consultants wouldn't. Others clocked in and clocked out. CHMW treated us like family. Birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and Thanksgivings? They're there. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to work with someone that genuinely cares about your company and you as a person.”
Abi Goldstein
Venture Capital Investor
Waterstone Capital Partners

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