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The Power of Data

Growth is a game of information warfare. There are no tricks or gimmicks. It's all about data.

Those with the right data can act and scale quickly, gaining market share. Those who don't are left behind to fight for scraps.

Data enables you to make decisions with confidence backed by evidence. It allows you to quantify problems and opportunities as well as measure the impact of your decisions. This lets you navigate complex challenges and pinpoint your best course of action.

Data is the difference between wasting money endlessly testing versus scaling from the start.

Why Your Data Is Hurting You

What cannot be measured, cannot be improved.

If you have a problem you want to understand or an area you want to grow, you must be able to measure it at a granular level. That means you need granular metrics tailored for your specific goals. If you don't have those, you are just guessing.

Not all data is good data. Most popular metrics like clickthrough rate and ROAS are not insightful for understanding your brand's true performance. They serve as superficial proxies for what you really want. However, they are often misleading.

For example, most brands don't have a ROAS problem. They have a customer retention problem. They use ROAS as a proxy for that. However, that proxy is very weak and limited.

A high ROAS on retention campaigns tells you nothing about the impact of the campaign. What drove the initial acquisition? What about high-value vs low-value buyers? You can't even see how different ads contributed to the conversion. Many brands have high performing superficial metrics only to realize their real brand health is actually declining.

The future is bleak for platform data. With more anti-tracking and privacy updates being rolled out by platforms, these issues are getting worse. Platforms are left with less and less data. For example, many top of funnel audiences incorrectly contain retargeting audiences and vice versa due to privacy regulations. So you aren't targeting what you think and you don't have the control that you need.

Data Others Can't See

With the data in platforms being too superficial, what can you do?

You have to create your own data. That is what we did.

Using our engineering and consulting background, we developed hundreds of deeper metrics that show in detail what is going on in your brand with complete clarity. These metrics are the invisible data that show you your true brand health. They are the key to pinpointing problems and opportunities the fastest.

No one else has our deeper metrics. Not even top platforms, agencies, attribution software or management consulting firms. Others are stuck guessing with superficial metrics.

The key to our data is the customer journey. These are all the actions of every touch, paid and organic, a user makes through their lifetime. It is the most important thing for you to understand. Not only can we see the entire journey at a granular level others can't, we have the deeper metrics that give real insights.

With the clarity from deeper metrics, you are able to make reliable business decisions and create more reliable forecasting. With platform data, you can't do this.

Most firms started looking into data more after the Apple privacy updates. We were doing this a decade before. We have a powerful head start over the industry.

Good vs. Bad Metrics

CMO-level Partners
Time to key order
Nth order revenue deltas
Catalog purchase depth
Demand sensitivity
Creative hook density
Lifetime value per segment
Other Agencies
Clickthrough rate

Achieving The Impossible

The most valuable metrics can't be calculated directly. They are derivatives of other metrics. For example, lifetime value requires all transactions as well as special grouping. On top of that, there are many lifetime values. They vary over time (ex: Q4 vs Q1 customers) and by activity category. Many metrics require many levels of calculations. This makes them much more expensive to report in any depth. That is why platforms and agencies don't have them.

Using our engineering background, we developed our own exabyte scale (billions of gigabytes) data engine to stitch insights across all your data. It can perform the most complex recursive queries with ease. We can take all your data across your entire digital portfolio to extract insights at a scale and speed that is humanly impossible.

Beyond DATA Points

Most people, including experts, don't understand that data is multidimensional. When you see a metric on a platform, you are not seeing a real single value. You are seeing a scalar representation of an entire population of data points. These data points exist on a probability distribution.

What you see on platforms is the mean μ (average). However, the mean is highly susceptible to skewing. A few high or low values and the value changes drastically.  The median x~ is a much better measure of centrality. There are many other distribution metrics like the standard deviation σ and delta Δ that give you a better understanding of the true shape of your data.

By taking into account the implications of these distribution metrics, you are able to predict future values better. However, you can't get any of these from platforms. That is why most forecasting is broken.

With our special relationships with the platforms, we have access to more granular data than others including private APIs others can't access. With this, we are able to provide unparalleled clarity.

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