An Unrivaled
Heritage of Excellence

All agencies are not created equal.
You need a partner with a long history of major results, not small gains.
We reach milestones every year that most agencies never reach in their lifetime. Dive into our history to understand how we do this so consistently. This is one of the main reasons why we are so different.
OF THE Forgotten ARTS
We are uniquely positioned to solve many problems that others can't. This is because of our unusual background no other agency has.

Our background is in software engineering and management consulting. But not just any engineering or consulting. Our focus is artificial intelligence software engineering and strategy management consulting. These are the most technical and prestigious areas of these already highly technical f.

To most people, these subjects are like black magic: powerful but enigmatic arts that no one really knows about or understands how they really work. We wield them as the secrets to our magic.

With our rigorous academic training, we take an engineering approach to marketing that no one else can.
We were born
We got our start in the early 2000s Silicon Valley venture capital world. This was the beginning of many companies that run the world today. Facebook launched in 2004. Google had its breakout year in 2005.

This world is a brutal, ultra-competitive arena where investors demand results and customers demand satisfaction. If you can't deliver, there are thousands of people ready to take your spot at a moment's notice.

Everything in this world moves quickly. Markets and trends shift faster than the blink of an eye. What was relevant last year is ancient history this year. If you are not ahead of the competition, it's game over. Here we learned the need for speed.
We were molded
by The pressure to perform or die
“The same pressure that crushes coal, can create diamonds. It is a matter of what you are made of.”

We worked with small brands with very limited budgets. When you are a small brand, there is no room for error. There is no missing targets one quarter and making it up next time. One wrong move and your company has to shut down.

Small results aren't good enough when you are small. Return on investment is not a luxury. You need results and you need them fast or you are dead.

Many clients came to us running out of time on the verge of bankruptcy after trying many agencies. If we made any mistake, it meant the end for them. We saved each of them from collapse and turned them around, many with 10x results.

This is how we learned to get big results with speed, consistency and budget efficiency. We learned the need to do things lean and get it right the first time.
We forged a legacy
of vanquishing giants
With so many transformational case studies, we quickly grew a reputation as the team to call when you needed big 10x results.

We were able to get results no matter how big or small the brand or how competitive the industry. Despite working with smaller companies, we were regularly beating giants: the big brands. Even after many agencies failed before us, we would always find a way to get big results.

This led us to getting invited by business incubators and investors to grow their portfolio companies, including Google-backed incubators.

Brands loved us so much that our initial small scopes would quickly turn into them firing all their agencies and having us take care of everything end-to-end. This happened over and over. So by client demand, we expanded our services.
We ascended to become
the handS of the gods
Our 10x results attracted the attention of the gods of digital marketing: the ad platforms.

Ad platforms retained us as their technical consultants and subject matter experts. They engaged us for their most challenging projects. We worked directly with their executive teams and solutions engineers. We helped them commercialize their platform and retain advertisers by fixing issues with their platform and algorithm.

They even personally introduced us to many brands, including Fortune 500s. They needed someone they could trust to always get them results.

We flew to their offices for insider information. We were also flown to private industry events to showcase our work to the biggest brands in the space. They even launched exclusive features the public doesn’t know about through us.

With this experience, we gained an insider perspective on the struggles of thousands of brands and agencies across all industries. With this access, we were able to fine-tune our data and strategies to unparalleled levels.

The Next Chapter

The story has only begun.
Our biggest announcements are coming soon...
Get ready.